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What calls your attention deserves it

What calls your attention is worth to be looked at. It is there for a reason. Your reason.

There are countless people that have crossed your screen of reality. The vast majority of these human fellows have absolutely no meaning apart from making a nice background to the movie you call "My Life". You never get to know them. You never talk to them. The few people you actually come to interact with are significant to you.

Those who call your attention and stay in your mind even more so. These people are relevant to you and to your journey of eternal expansion of yourself. Otherwise you would not notice them.

It is the same with situations, things and words. Your reality is stuffed with objects and ever changing situations. Millions of words are addressed to you in the course of your lifetime. The limited selection of information that reaches you and rings an inner bell MUST be important to you.

What attracts your attention IS significant to you. These are your "signs". What makes an object, a person, a phrase, an incident special is your inner response to it. Look within yourself to what you react, how you react and why you react.

Give your attention to whatever calls your attentions and take your time to examine. Your signs hold valuable information and life-enhancing experiences for you.

What calls your attention deserves it.


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