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Project Viva la Vida

The intention of Project Viva la Vida is to distribute ancient knowledge about how this freakin´ universe works.

Because it is ingenious.

We all were born in full awareness but the majority of us has been educated to ignore and to forget.

Project Viva la Vida is committed to the purpose of assisting individuals of all age to get back in their natural state of absolute well-being and tune themselves vibrationally into the higher frequencies where the good life happens.

Experiencing any kind of lack in terms of health, vitality, love, friends, economic wealth, success, excitement or whatever it is you desire and not have, is NOT something you have to put up with.

Suffering from physical or emotional pain is not natural.

Anything you experience in your life - in your outer reality - is a reflection of your inner reality.

The „control & creation panel“ of your reality is within you.

Why not using it consciously?

Why walk when you are able to fly?



Create a Beautiful life