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Why walk when you are able to fly

Spiritual Basics Vol. 1 
by Kris Wiegand

The content in a nutshell
A book about the mechanisms which build your physical reality. Basic knowledge you would want to know, if you desire to have a hand in the creation of your own reality.
Why walk when you able to fly

You are the writer, the director and the main actor of the movie you call "My Life". How the story turns out is in your hands. You are in control. In order to live the life of your dreams you don´t have to win the lottery. All it takes is to understand the "Spiritual Basics" about Creation and apply them consciously.

Is this book for you?
How much do you really know about the mechanisms that build your reality?
Did you never wonder why some people seem to have and to get it all, while others struggle on a daily basis? The bizarre thing is that it is actually not hard at all to create the life of your dreams for yourself, once you have come to understand a few Physical Laws that make up your reality and how to apply them correctly. The mechanisms are simple but you need to be aware of them. Get aware and you get in control of everything that you experience in your reality.

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Why read it?
Because you will not only discover the secrets that create your reality, but also learn about:

  • The catch with deliberate creation and how to avoid getting trapped.
  • Why you are not meant to suffer and struggle through life and how to rid your „reality program“ of undesired experiences.
  • Why you are supposed to be healthy, successful, rich, unconditionally loved and very, very happy. And how you make sure that you ARE.
  • Why being the TRUE YOU is not only most pleasing and satisfying, but literally catapults you in a reality that is to your approval.
  • Why feeling fabulous is your natural state of being and how to get back in this natural state. And stay there. Even when you are 102!
  • Why  following your joy, your passion and your excitement is an extremely good idea and why feeling good attracts a feel-good reality.
  • Why your emotions are your trusted assistants and how they serve you.

From the Author
My intent was to beak the relevant topics down into the quintessence and present the key knowledge to the reader in a way that is entertaining, easy to understand and more importantly facile to apply.

So neither do you need to take a holiday to read the book, nor do you have to be an academic to comprehend these otherwise highly complex subjects.

Once you understand the principles that build not only your own reality but the entire universe, your life becomes a lot lighter. You will see that you are never in jeopardy, since you are in control. The guidelines laid out do not require much effort to implement and turn your life around as fast as you allow it.

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Have a glimpse inside

A glimpse inside the eBook "Why walk when you are able to fly"

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