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Free of judgement, Baby?

Free of judgement, Baby?

Whatever you choose to think about somebody else, the person it affects most is you.

Through your own focus you exchange energies with whatever you are giving your attention to.

When you give your attention to something you appreciate, you align with the vibration of what you like. Which is naturally a high vibratory state that tunes your antenna to pick up more of the frequencies which translate into a physical reality you will also appreciate.

When you direct your attention to something you do not like - generally this is what you do when you judge about something in a negative way - you likewise merge frequencies with the subject of attention. Anything that is displeasing to you is in the lower frequencies realm. Consequently your vibratory state decreases and opens the gate for more negative and non-preferred physical representations to enter your reality.

In short: When you choose to look for things to appreciate, which make you think "wow that´s great", "oh, I like this" or "this is beautiful" and the like, you attract a reality you will also appreciate.

When you choose to focus on the unpleasing side of things, people or situations you start producing thoughts like "that´s ugly", "I hate that", "how terrible" or "how unkind". Thereby you tune yourself into the lower frequencies that bring forth reality scenarios that will give you more reason to judge.

Think about it. It is up to you if you choose to look for things to judge or for things to appreciate.


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