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Do what you love

Project Viva la Vida. Do what you love.Why doing what you love is the greatest gift to humanity

You serve humanity - including yourself - best, when you do what you feel attracted and excited to do. That´s your purpose. Your excitement is the indicator.

Planet Earth is a living organism - like the human body. The human body is composed of billions of cells who are doing their job. There are blood cells, bone cells, nerve cells, skin cells, muscle cells and the like. Each cell is part of a cell group and each cell is naturally fulfilling its individual.

Every cell knows exactly its purpose and function. While each cell acts perfectly on its own, the human body as a whole operates flawlessly - without having cells or groups of cells ruling and regulating over others.

Human beings on planet Earth - you, me, we all - are like cells in a human body. Each human being feels naturally attracted to fulfill its purpose. How? Simply by wanting to do what feels good.

The Organizing Principle within everything is the Prime Creator, God, the ONE, All-That-Is or whatever you would like to call the source of creation.

If each individual would just focus on their inner calling, on doing what he or she loves to do, our planet would operate in the same perfect harmony as a human body.

Or did you ever hear about somebody´s kidney cells waging war against their liver cells?


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