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Claim your power back

 All you can do is complaining. Really?All you can do is complaining. Really?

When you find yourself complaining, you are disconnected from your True Natural Self. As always, when you have a negative emotion.

Typically the complaining and lamenting arises when you are in a situation you do not like and you don´t know how to get out of it. When you are complaining you are basically saying "I have no control" and "There is nothing I can do about it".


Free of judgement, Baby?

Free of judgement, Baby?

Whatever you choose to think about somebody else, the person it affects most is you.

Through your own focus you exchange energies with whatever you are giving your attention to.

When you give your attention to something you appreciate, you align with the vibration of what you like. Which is naturally a high vibratory state that tunes your antenna to pick up more of the frequencies which translate into a physical reality you will also appreciate.


What calls your attention deserves it

What calls your attention is worth to be looked at. It is there for a reason. Your reason.

There are countless people that have crossed your screen of reality. The vast majority of these human fellows have absolutely no meaning apart from making a nice background to the movie you call "My Life". You never get to know them. You never talk to them. The few people you actually come to interact with are significant to you.


Do what you love

Project Viva la Vida. Do what you love.Why doing what you love is the greatest gift to humanity

You serve humanity - including yourself - best, when you do what you feel attracted and excited to do. That´s your purpose. Your excitement is the indicator.

Planet Earth is a living organism - like the human body. The human body is composed of billions of cells who are doing their job. There are blood cells, bone cells, nerve cells, skin cells, muscle cells and the like. Each cell is part of a cell group and each cell is naturally fulfilling its individual.



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