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Claim your power back

 All you can do is complaining. Really?All you can do is complaining. Really?

When you find yourself complaining, you are disconnected from your True Natural Self. As always, when you have a negative emotion.

Typically the complaining and lamenting arises when you are in a situation you do not like and you don´t know how to get out of it. When you are complaining you are basically saying "I have no control" and "There is nothing I can do about it".

Look for the beliefs which make you think that you have no control. You always have control.

You often hear people who are discontent with their financial situation complaining and saying things like "It is the politician´s fault, they don´t create enough jobs", "It is the fault of the bad economic situation" or "It is because of the business leaders, who want all the money for themselves".

If this was the "ultimate truth" (which does not exist, since everyone has his own truth), then everybody would be affected by these "truths". But there are people who are doing financially wonderful - no matter what their politicians are doing, what the economic situation is like or how much their business leaders are earning.

As long as you buy into the belief that outside circumstances affect you, you must feel powerless and all you can do is complaining.

Claim your power back!

Throw ideas over board that your well-being, including your financial well-being, depends on anything that is outside of you, over which you have not control. The outside mirrors your inside. And over your inside you have 100% control.


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