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You are the ONE

All parts within creation are fragments of the ONE consciousness
Project Viva la Vida. You are the ONE!!

The Universe is consciousness in action. It is an ever expanding energy field, an infinite wave pattern.

The source of creation, the source of the universe and everything in existence, is ONE consciousness. It is also known as the Prime Creator, God, All-that-is or the Source.

This ONE consciousness has chosen to experience itself in diverse fragments. You are one of these fragments. Everything in existence is a fragment of the ONE consciousness. Each tree, planet, stone, animal, every cell in your body and even your car is a fragment of consciousness and has consciousness.

You know that you are you. A tree knows that it is a tree. Your car knows that it is a car. It is indisputable that the diverse fragments of consciousness are endowed with the different faculties and different forms of intelligence. So I am not trying to sell you that you can teach your car tricks.

But what I want you to become aware of is, that you are the ONE, too.
In your essence you are God, too.

Yeah, you may take a deep breath now.