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The catch

The catch with deliberate creation of realityProject Viva la Vida. I will be me.

The previous chapters might lead you to the conclusion "All right then, I belief myself to be the richest person on the planet and by the laws of the universe this will be so".

Maybe. Maybe not. Because if your freely chosen new belief of being the next Bill Gates is not in sync with your True Natural Self, with who you truly are, it is a) highly questionable that you will achieve it, b) you will make your life an unnecessary struggle and c) in case you do actually achieve it, you will find out that being someone you are not, does not make you happy.

However, if the belief of being the next Bill Gates is indeed in alignment with your True Natural Self, going about the realization will be the most exciting thing to do in your life and you will have a blast with it.

So come with me to the next chapters. There is more to learn about the creation of reality. But first I am going to tell you some exciting things about yourself. And in case you have ever wondered why we all love to hear "Oh Baby, you are THE ONE", here comes the answer!