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Your reality is your creation

Your beliefs create your realityProject Viva la Vida. You create the show.

The decoding process of waves into what you call your reality works similar to the process of a radio or a TV before the era of cable, when they still had an antenna.

When you select the Discovery Channel on your TV you cannot see the News Channel. Although it is simultaneously there. But it is on another frequency which your TV is not tuned into. While you use the channel tuner of your radio or the remote control for your TV to select the frequency of the particular program you wish to hear or see, tuning yourself into different frequencies functions slightly different.

You do it with your mind. Each belief you hold gets you vibrating at a unique set of frequencies. Thereby you determine which energy waves can be received and translated by your senses into what you call  “your physical reality”.

All versions of reality are available to you. Which version you receive and experience depends on what you choose to believe to be true. In short form: Your beliefs create your reality. You create the show.