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Reality happens within you

The control panel of your reality is within youProject Viva la Vida. Reality exists within you.

You are consciousness

You are an immortal soul in a physical body. You are consciousness having a physical experience as a human being.

Reality happens within you
Everything you perceive seemingly outside of you happens nowhere else but in your own consciousness. So your reality is not something that you exist within. Your reality exists within you. Let me explain.

Physical reality is an experience created by the senses of your body
The universe is an infinite, ever expanding energy field. It is a wave pattern. The human body is a “receiver device”. Your physical senses translate energy waves into a seeming physical reality. Your eyes decode waves into sight, your ears into sound, your nose into smell, your mouth into taste and your sense of touch into tangible matter. As a result the experience of being in a physical reality is created.